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Il n'y a pas d'amour heureux

But there is such thing as a happy exam. Biology yesterday went well, the essay question was on the role of structures within the plasma membrane. So good :) a few questions annoyed me a bit - there was a pseudo-political question that caused outrage among.. well, me. I don't see the point in those sort of questions. There's no A Level scientific knowledge you need to apply, it's ridiculous. Though I suppose it's a couple of easy marks.

So now all my exams are over until the summer :)

Even though I hate Wedenesdays, today was okay. French was tolerable, chemistry was fab (I-love-it!) and maths was .. tolerable too.

Beccy got her ear pierced at the top so we went with her, and then we went to Lloyds to continue the time-honoured (sort of) tradition of tea and dessert. Tragically, they wouldn't serve us as we're under 18. Grrr. They've always served us in the past. But then they don't usually see our school uniform. Dammmnnn.

That DID put a bit of a damper on things.

But I got my homework sorted at my Nanna's, so now I've got a little bit of free time in which to blog and watch (on the BBC iPlayer, which is incredibly snazzy and better than 4OD) stuff I missed while revising.




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