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Writer's Block: Know Thyself

What is your favorite thing about yourself? Least favorite thing?

Physically, I like my legs, my hips and my collarbone. I feel happy with them. I love my perfectly straight teeth and the colour of my eyes, but I dislike my nose: I'm forever finding fault with it in different ways. Although my skin is clear now, I feel really self-consious about the scarring from my early teens, and I usually try and cover them up with make-up.

Another thing I'm self-consious of are my scars - those of you who know me well will know what I mean - and I cover them up when I'm panicking about what people think. I dread the moment that someone will look a moment too long, and ask. I hate myself for those scars, and for the fact that I am weak. I hate the fact that I fall easily and hard for people. The wrong people.

But I like the fact that I know what I want from life, that I know where I want to go, to be. I like that I have plans, and that no matter how bad the present gets, the future is always there.