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Writer's Block: Two Tickets to Paradise

If you won two free round-trip plane tickets anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you bring?
Tokyo and I'd take Caroline.
We'd shop, shop, shop and spend hours of fun in cosplay booths :)
Negative would just happen to be in Japan at the time, and we'd bump into Jonne and Christus trying on shades in cute Japanese shops, and magically strike up a conversation ...
Hmmm... it would just rock. Need I say more?


...I kinda haven't posted properly for yonks..

So a little pic-post for you, my darlings ..xx                 
'Tis me being smiley..


Me in the park (not T, ME)

Me on a path in Fram

Lorna posing with some Roman guy

I should so smile more

My blonde streak in my fringe

I had a load of these all assembled in a montage thingy, but I look crap in most...including this one..but I find this one most amusing..!

In the pubbbb

Annddd again..!

I went blonde..!

I got new spexx..)

There are, of course, plenty more, but I cba with them atm, soooo TTFN..xxxx

Writer's Block: In The Money

If you won $100 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

To be honest, I'm not at all sure. Right now there are a few gigs I really want to go to, and some red jeans I keep trying on but can't afford..and a lot of CDs...but I'm really not sure.

Of course, that's only about £60, I think...but if we made it £100, I would put half in the bank (I'm saving for university), get tickets to Plain White T's and Hadouken!, buy those lovely jeans and save the rest in my purse ..that'd be good.

Writer's Block: Random Acts of Kindness

What is one of the nicest things you've ever done for another person?

Whilst my Granda has been in hospital I started pulling my weight a lot more around the house, just trying to keep on top of the housework and look after my sister whilst my mum was over at the hospital all the time.
I'm not very good at comfort and I am very awkward socially, but doing these things for her helped her a lot and gave her one less thing to worry about.
It was very hard seeing her upset, especially at the end when she was trying to keep it together for her own mother, but I let her cry and hugged her and it made me so grateful to have everyone I do.
I like to think of myself as a nice person, but it seems I don't do many little random acts of kindness. I try to be there for the people close to me, because they are always there for me, and perhaps now I've thought more about this I will do more kind things.

[I reaaly like these little Writer's Block things, they're practically sustaining my blog atm]

Writer's Block: Who's in your neighborhood

How well do you know your next-door neighbors?

On one side, there lives a couplewho are jewellers. They're dead funny and really nice, and we go round there for barbeques and parties etc.. Pauline always has funny anecdotes and the latest  gossip in the dale. Steve lends me cool foreign DVDs =)

On the other, an animal sanctuary. They take in too many animals and we're always finding goats/pigs/cats/ducks/chickens/insert other random animal here and we'll probably have been invaded by one at some point in our garden. I don't know the people at the sanctuary ver ywell.

Today: (so far, it’s only 4pm)

1 bowl cornflakes w/ semi-skimmed milk

1 mug tea w/ skimmed milk


1 chicken spring roll

3 rice crackers (1 plain, 2 topped with ham)

1 Lindt Or little egg thingy

1 biscuit


1 glass water


And I went for a half-hour run.


These are from about a year and a half ago.

Soo... Heather's hair was longer, mine was LONG FOR THE ONLY EVER TIME IN MY LIFE! Caroline's was blondish sorta and Ann's was brown.

Heather=d'uhhh, Caz=SWEET, Me=grumpy

YAY SMILES ALL ROUND..well, I assume Caz is smiling..she appears to be studying her feet.

YUP, I can dress myself now, shoes and everything *PROUD*


Aww..but Heather's wearing MY CLOTHES! Lol.

=[ I don't have any of the ones of Anni saved.


It's awesome, I just wrote a lonnnnnng post about it and it's went poof! Grrrrr

But it rocks


Happy Birthday to Lauri Johannes Ylonen today! <3

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