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I love photography, rainy days & thunderstorms, reading, the band HIM, red snapdragons, Doc. Marten boots, eyeliner, hair dye, Livejournal, cam whorage, rating communities, having heated debates, dancing around my bedroom in my underwear when no one's looking, making collages, writing poetry and my Sweetheart <3 <3 <3
I love a lot of other things but I'd like to end the list there, and it's my list, so I have that right.

I think mini-skirts are a fundamental part of life, Ville Valo has the most amazing voice EVER, and boys are usually jerks, even if they ARE nice to look at.

Petey (Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III - God that name cracks me up):

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I like nice people who make me laugh, but I don't like nasty people and it really annoys me when people use incorrect grammar. I could go on all day about me but hey, that'd be selfish!!

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Before you ask why I have 'Bush' in my interests, I mean the band Bush (as in, 'Golden State' and 'Razorblade suitcase').

A recent study has shown that 92% of teenagers listen to rap. This study has proven that 92% of teenagers are morons. Put this in your profile if you are one of the 8% who are into actual music.

By the way, my accio egg dumbass icon is not by me, it's by myrasis, so don't give me any credit.

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